What is Link Cloaking and Best way to do it – 2022

Link cloaking is a process in which you make your URL or Affiliate URLs short, beautiful and user friendly.

Use of Link Cloaking

if you are an Affiliate Marketer, who provides links in there blogs, videos or social media handles. The original link for the product may be a messy url, for example below is a link for Microphone


Instead of this if you see the below link:


which one you are gonna click the messy one or clean one. The goal of link cloaking is to create URLs that are easier to remember and share.

Link cloaking also helps if the product is discontinued or out of stock so you can easily change the target url without changing the link you put in the first place for user.

How to do free link cloaking in wordpress

WordPress is best in terms of handling the website. Because of it’s themes, easy to use plugins. So for link cloaking there are multiple plugins but one I trust is Pretty Links.

Pretty links is available in both free and paid version. In free version you get the basic setting like 301,302 and 307 redirection.

How to use Pretty Links

Choose type of redirection temporary or permanent

Then fill the target url where your user will land and fill the text you want your users to see.

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