Mastering Google Site Kit: A Comprehensive Guide to Setup and Benefits

In the realm of website management, Google Site Kit stands as a powerful ally, offering an integrated solution to harness the capabilities of Google’s key tools. This plugin, designed specifically for WordPress users, empowers website owners to effortlessly connect with Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Google Site Kit, exploring its setup process and unveiling the remarkable benefits it brings to website optimization and performance tracking.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Google Site Kit
    • What is Google Site Kit?
    • Why is it essential for website owners?
  2. Setting Up Google Site Kit
    • Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin
    • Step 2: Connect Your Google Account
    • Step 3: Choose Services to Connect
    • Step 4: Verify Your Site with Google
  3. Benefits of Google Site Kit
    • Streamlined Data Access
    • Comprehensive Performance Tracking
    • Enhanced SEO Insights
    • Monetization Opportunities
  4. Leveraging Google Site Kit for Better Website Management
    • Optimizing Content with Search Console Data
    • Tracking Site Traffic and Audience Engagement
    • Improving Page Load Speed with PageSpeed Insights
    • Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdSense Integration
  5. Real-World Examples: How Google Site Kit Transforms Websites
    • Case Study: SEO Boost through Comprehensive Insights
    • Case Study: Monetization Success with AdSense Integration
  6. Advanced Features and Future Prospects
    • Google Site Kit API Integration
    • Upcoming Enhancements and Features

7. Conclusion: Elevate Your Website Management with Google Site Kit

Understanding Google Site Kit

What is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is a free WordPress plugin developed by Google. It acts as a bridge between website owners and essential Google tools. By connecting seamlessly with Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights, Site Kit empowers users to access valuable data and insights right from their WordPress dashboard.

Why is it Essential for Website Owners?

For website owners, Google Site Kit is a game-changer. It eliminates the need to switch between different tabs and logins to access crucial data. With Site Kit, you can now monitor your website’s performance, analyze user behavior, optimize content, and even explore monetization opportunities, all within your WordPress environment.

Setting Up Google Site Kit

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

Begin by installing the Google Site Kit plugin from the WordPress dashboard. Once installed, activate it to initiate the setup process.

Step 2: Connect Your Google Account

Click on the “Start Setup” button and log in with your Google account. This connection ensures secure data transmission and integration.

Step 3: Choose Services to Connect

Select the Google services you want to integrate. This includes Google Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights.

Step 4: Verify Your Site with Google

After connecting services, Site Kit will guide you through the site verification process. This step ensures that you have ownership and access rights to the website.

Benefits of Google Site Kit

Streamlined Data Access

Gone are the days of jumping between tabs to access different data sources. Google Site Kit consolidates information, allowing you to view analytics, search performance, ad revenue, and site speed insights in one place.

Comprehensive Performance Tracking

Site Kit provides comprehensive insights into your website’s performance. From traffic sources to user engagement metrics, you can monitor the health of your site without leaving WordPress.

Enhanced SEO Insights

By integrating Google Search Console data, Site Kit offers a clearer understanding of how users discover your site. It highlights top-performing keywords, click-through rates, and search impressions.

Monetization Opportunities

For bloggers and website owners looking to monetize, Google Site Kit’s AdSense integration is invaluable. It lets you track ad performance, analyze revenue, and optimize ad placements—all from your dashboard.

Leveraging Google Site Kit for Better Website Management

Optimizing Content with Search Console Data

With insights from the Search Console, you can refine your content strategy. Identify underperforming keywords and capitalize on trending topics to attract more organic traffic.

Tracking Site Traffic and Audience Engagement

Google Analytics integration empowers you to understand your audience better. Analyze user behavior, session durations, and bounce rates to tailor your content to their preferences.

Improving Page Load Speed with PageSpeed Insights

Slow-loading pages can lead to high bounce rates. With PageSpeed Insights integration, you can identify performance bottlenecks and implement improvements for a better user experience.

Maximizing Ad Revenue with AdSense Integration

For website owners monetizing through AdSense, Site Kit presents an opportunity to track revenue trends, identify high-performing ad placements, and optimize ad performance.

Real-World Examples: How Google Site Kit Transforms Websites

Case Study: SEO Boost through Comprehensive Insights

A niche blog utilized Google Site Kit to refine its content strategy. By analyzing Search Console data, they identified keywords with high search volumes but low competition. This strategic approach resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic and engagement.

Case Study: Monetization Success with AdSense Integration

An e-commerce site integrated AdSense through Site Kit. By monitoring ad performance and experimenting with placements, they achieved a 30% increase in ad revenue within two months.

Advanced Features and Future Prospects

Google Site Kit API Integration

Google is working on expanding Site Kit’s capabilities by introducing API integrations. This will enable developers to create custom integrations and further enhance the plugin’s functionality.

Upcoming Enhancements and Features

Google is committed to improving Site Kit based on user feedback. Expect updates that enhance usability, offer new insights, and make website management even more efficient.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Website Management with Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to website management. With seamless integration of essential Google tools, you can optimize content, monitor performance, and capitalize on monetization opportunities—all from your WordPress dashboard. By embracing this comprehensive solution, you empower your website with the insights and tools needed to thrive in the digital landscape. So, take the leap and experience the transformation that Google Site Kit can bring to your website’s management and success.

How to create pages fast and easy in wordpress

through customize in WordPress

When you start blogging, you need pages or categories in WordPress to categorize your post or you may need to create a contact page, privacy policy page, disclaimer page, or affiliate disclosure page (if you are doing affiliate marketing).

You can create a page in WordPress Dashboard. Take a look below

When you create pages using WordPress dashboard it may take a little time but if you create pages using wordpress customize option you can create pages easily and fast take a look at screenshot below:

Just enter the name of the page and click on add and your page will be created. Create all the pages you need and edit them using elementor or wordpress editor.

Fashion Blogging Secrets Revealed: From Novice to Influencer in No Time!- 2023

Fashion blogging has emerged as a dynamic and influential platform, connecting individuals with a passion for fashion to a global audience. With the power to inspire and influence trends, fashion bloggers have established themselves as tastemakers within the industry. If you’re eager to embark on your fashion blogging journey, this guide will provide you with a step-by-step approach on how to get started, grow your knowledge, and ultimately turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

I. What is Fashion Blogging?
Fashion blogging is the art of creating and curating content that revolves around the world of fashion. It involves sharing personal style, fashion trends, outfit inspirations, beauty tips, shopping hauls, runway reviews, and more through a dedicated online platform such as a blog or social media channels.


  1. Creativity and self-expression: Fashion blogging allows you to showcase your unique style and creativity to a wide audience.
  2. Influence and impact: Fashion bloggers have the power to inspire and shape trends, influencing the fashion choices of their followers.
  3. Networking opportunities: By connecting with brands, fellow bloggers, and industry professionals, you can expand your network and open doors to exciting collaborations.


  1. Competitive landscape: The fashion blogging space is highly competitive, requiring dedication, consistency, and a distinct voice to stand out.
  2. Initial investment: Building a successful fashion blog may require investing in photography equipment, website design, and attending fashion events.
  3. Time commitment: Maintaining a blog demands consistent effort in creating quality content, engaging with followers, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

II. How to Start Fashion Blogging:

  1. Define your niche: Determine your unique fashion perspective, whether it’s street style, luxury fashion, sustainable fashion, plus-size fashion, or a blend of different styles.
  2. Choose your platform: Select a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger to host your blog or consider leveraging social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube.
  3. Create a compelling brand identity: Develop a visually appealing blog design, select a memorable blog name, and create a captivating logo that represents your brand.
  4. Invest in quality visuals: Invest in a good camera or smartphone with high-resolution capabilities to capture stunning visuals. Visual content is a crucial aspect of fashion blogging.
  5. Craft engaging content: Write informative, engaging, and authentic blog posts that cater to your target audience’s interests. Share your personal experiences, style tips, and fashion-related insights.

III. Who Can Start Fashion Blogging?
Fashion blogging is open to anyone with a passion for fashion, regardless of age, gender, or location. Whether you’re a student, working professional, or a fashion enthusiast looking for a creative outlet, fashion blogging offers an inclusive space for self-expression.

IV. What Knowledge Do You Need?

  1. Fashion trends and history: Stay updated on the latest fashion trends, designers, and historical fashion references to provide valuable insights to your audience.
  2. Personal style development: Cultivate your own unique style and experiment with different looks to establish a signature aesthetic that sets you apart.
  3. Content creation and curation: Hone your writing skills, learn basic photography techniques, and develop an eye for selecting visually appealing content.
  4. Digital marketing and SEO: Familiarize yourself with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure your blog gains visibility and attracts organic traffic.
  5. Social media and community engagement: Understand social media platforms, trends, and how to engage with your audience effectively.

V. How to Grow Knowledge About Fashion:

  1. Stay updated with fashion publications: Read fashion magazines, blogs, and follow fashion news outlets to keep yourself informed about the latest trends, collections, and industry updates.
  2. Attend fashion events and shows: Participate in fashion weeks, exhibitions, and local fashion events to gain firsthand experience and expand your industry connections.
  3. Engage in fashion courses and workshops: Enroll in online courses or workshops offered by fashion institutions or industry experts to enhance your knowledge of fashion theory, styling, and trends.
  4. Network with industry professionals: Attend fashion conferences, join fashion-related communities, and actively engage with professionals to gain insights and build relationships.

VI. How to Make Fashion Blogging a Career:

  1. Collaborate with brands: As your blog gains traction, brands may approach you for collaborations, sponsored posts, or affiliate partnerships, allowing you to monetize your blog.
  2. Create additional revenue streams: Consider diversifying your income by launching fashion-related products, offering styling services, or leveraging affiliate marketing programs.
  3. Build a strong personal brand: Consistently deliver quality content, engage with your audience, and establish yourself as a trusted voice in the fashion industry.
  4. Seek professional opportunities: Explore freelance writing, styling, consulting, or brand ambassador roles within the fashion industry to further establish your expertise.

Some fashion trends

Image Credits: Panaprium

Certainly! Here are a few well-known fashion bloggers who have made a significant impact in the industry:

  1. Chiara Ferragni – The Blonde Salad: Chiara Ferragni is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world. She started her blog, The Blonde Salad, in 2009 and has since built a global brand. Chiara’s blog covers a wide range of fashion topics, from street style to luxury fashion, and she has collaborated with numerous high-end brands.
  2. Bryanboy – Bryan Grey Yambao, known as Bryanboy, is a Filipino fashion blogger who gained recognition for his unique and flamboyant style. With his bold fashion choices and witty commentary, Bryanboy has become a respected voice in the fashion industry. He has worked with major fashion brands and has a massive social media following.
  3. Aimee Song – Song of Style: Aimee Song is a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger who started her blog, Song of Style, in 2008. Known for her effortless California style, Aimee has successfully transitioned from blogging to becoming a published author and a fashion designer. She has collaborated with top brands and has been featured in major fashion publications.
  4. Danielle Bernstein – WeWoreWhat: Danielle Bernstein is the founder of WeWoreWhat, a popular fashion blog that showcases her personal style and fashion inspirations. She has built a loyal following and expanded her brand to include a swimwear line and collaborations with notable fashion brands.
  5. Camille Charrière – Camille Over the Rainbow: Camille Charrière is a French-born, London-based fashion blogger known for her chic and sophisticated style. Her blog, Camille Over the Rainbow, offers a blend of fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. Camille has collaborated with luxury brands and has become a sought-after fashion influencer.

These fashion bloggers have successfully established their unique voices, grown their knowledge of the fashion industry, and turned their passion into successful careers. They serve as inspirations for aspiring fashion bloggers, showcasing the potential and possibilities within the fashion blogging realm.

Fashion blogging provides a platform for individuals to share their unique fashion perspectives, engage with a global audience, and potentially turn their passion into a career. By following the steps outlined in this guide, continuously expanding your knowledge, and staying true to your authentic voice, you can embark on a successful fashion blogging journey. Remember, consistency, creativity, and a genuine connection with your audience will be key to achieving your goals in the ever-evolving world of fashion blogging.

link cloaking and how to do it

What is Link Cloaking and Best way to do it – 2022

Link cloaking is a process in which you make your URL or Affiliate URLs short, beautiful and user friendly.

Use of Link Cloaking

if you are an Affiliate Marketer, who provides links in there blogs, videos or social media handles. The original link for the product may be a messy url, for example below is a link for Microphone

Instead of this if you see the below link:

which one you are gonna click the messy one or clean one. The goal of link cloaking is to create URLs that are easier to remember and share.

Link cloaking also helps if the product is discontinued or out of stock so you can easily change the target url without changing the link you put in the first place for user.

How to do free link cloaking in wordpress

WordPress is best in terms of handling the website. Because of it’s themes, easy to use plugins. So for link cloaking there are multiple plugins but one I trust is Pretty Links.

Pretty links is available in both free and paid version. In free version you get the basic setting like 301,302 and 307 redirection.

How to use Pretty Links

Choose type of redirection temporary or permanent

Then fill the target url where your user will land and fill the text you want your users to see.

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Best Free Themes For WordPress 2022 | eCommerce

Best Free Themes For WordPress

Best Free Themes For WordPress

WordPress is the one of the best platform for creating your website. It is easy to work with wordpress as you can easily manage your website and update it on the go. Most of the times you don’t need to know any coding knowledge as the plugins work the most work for you. (but you must learn programming languages as you upgrade).

It is easy to work with wordpress if you are creating website because there is a large repository of themes on wordpress. Which you can use according to the nature of website. 

Today we are going to talk about the Best Free Themes For WordPress which are free (premium version also available) which are easy to customize and you can change the look of your website. All these themes work with Visual Editor Elementor.

We are going to talk about the Best Free Themes For WordPress today

1. One of the best theme is Generate Press you can easily edit the website using this theme. You get multiple layouts available for various industries.

The theme is available in both free and premium versions.

2. 2nd theme is Ocean WP you can get this for free with multiple demos and 1 Click installation

3. Astra is one of the best themes for wordpress which you can use for you different designs.

Best Free WordPress Website Builder [2022]

Your are here becuase you were searching for Best Free WordPress Website Builder. You need a blog/website, but you don’t know how to code and you don’t have the budget to Hire a Developer. Either you go with Blogger or where you don’t have to do much and you can have a blog easily. But what if you need a professional website that looks good and you can work around easily.

At the current scenario WordPress is the best platform to create a website easily. You buy domain and hosting and install the wordpress and you can choose Themes according to your niche.

Then if you need to customize the blog/website accordingly, either you code. But if you not comfortable with coding.

Here comes the role of WordPress Website Builders.

What are Website builders?

Website builders are programs you use to create a website. You just drag and drop the element and you keep creating pages. you can create a complete website without knowing any code (you should learn coding too, it’s really helpful for small customizations).

There are multiple website builders available. Some themes also come with there own website builders. Like Divi Builder, Themify builder. Let’s check some more best free wordpress website builder.

Best Free WordPress Website Builders [Tested and Using]

1. Elementor

best free wordpress website builder

Elementor is the best one yet for me and most of the users because of it’s user-friendly interface. you can create a complete website with attractive templates(with Elementor pro only) or you can create a layout of yourself in any graphics software and create the website by just dropping the elements.

Is Elementor Free?

Yes, elementor is free but with limited elements. In elementor pro you get more options, elements, widgets for you website. You can use the free version for your basic website and you can use the add ons for elementor for any specific requirement.

How much Elementor Pro cost

With elementor free you can create your website, you will get regualr updates. Elementor pro offers multiple subscription plan according to your need. Elementor pro is a subscription based plugin. Check out the prices below.

Keep check for this, Black Friday Deals coming soon

How to install Elementor Plugin

2. Beaver Builder

Similar to Elementor, Beaver builder is the wordpress website to create website visually. The free version has limited elements. If you need more elements to visually design your website. You need to buy Beaver Builder.

Also Check How To Create Backlinks For Free

How much beaver builder cost?

Whereas Elementor personal license is only for 1 website, You can use the Beaver Builder plugin for unlimited sites. Also the price for Beaver Builder is twice than elementor.

Beaver builder is easy to use. Just drag and drop the elements and you are done. It includes page templates in free version you just choose the page template according to your requirement and your page will be completed just change the content and you have a website.

How to install Beaver Builder?

3. Visual Composer

Visual composer is very good for creating website, this one is comparatively has more elements in free version but this effects the speed as it is not a lightweight plugin. It effects but not much.

It’s the best in terms of elements and editing them easily. It has already built templates for page you can easily use. If you want to buy visual composer has these license options.

You get free updates with free version. There are many add ons available for Visual composer.

4. Gutenberg – free page builder plugin built into WordPress

Gutenberg is built in wordpress plugin. It is block based page editor. If you are just beginning and not familiar with plugins and editors.

Gutenberg was introduced with wordpress 5 and has many elements for you to create your website. Though, it not handy as compared to others in the list.

This sums up the best free WordPress website builder you can use to design attractive websites and blogs.

Do I need a Page Builder if I am using the new WordPress Block Editor?

Well it depends on your requirement, either you don’t want to code or don’t know coding(maybe you are a good writer but not into technical stuff). If you can pay hire some freelancer for a basic setup. Or take help from youtube and use visual website builders. It is totally your choice.

also Learn Coding (It’s fun).

How to Cultivate a Writing Habit: Unlocking the Power of Consistent Writing

So you started blogging. But you will have to write daily now, it’s very interesting when you are starting. You are all motivated and ready to work but it takes time to go viral. So you start to make excuses like I will do it tomorrow I am busy today(You can watch Netflix but for work you are busy).

Writing is a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth. However, many aspiring writers struggle to make writing a regular habit. In this article, we will explore practical strategies to develop a consistent writing routine. From setting goals to practicing daily exercises, we will provide practical tips to help you make writing an integral part of your life. Embracing a writing habit can unlock your full writing potential and offer numerous benefits along the way.

Start Reading Text

Watching videos to learn is very good you get information fast and it’s fun to watch video(fun to watch not easy to take action).

But when you are reading you focus on the style of writing, use of words and vocabulary, and if you find that article interesting you use the same tactics while you are writing something.

Write Reviews

Food Delivery:

Do you remember when zomato delivers an order and the delivery boy ask you to rate the delivery service. You start from right there, start giving honest opinions about the delivery service and quality of restaurant. You enjoyed the food or not, let the other party know what you think about the service, so that they can improve or be a little happy. Not a paragraph start with 4-5 lines describing the quality, quantity, experience. You can do it because you love eating and talking about food.


When you pay the bill in a restaurant and the guy who was serving you asks you “how was it” or hands over a tablet or feedback form. Write what you like or didn’t like and if you liked, do recommend it to others.

Google maps:

You remember the time when you used google map to go somewhere and the place was moved to somewhere else. Write about that thing. Or you went to the right place write about that too. Write how to reach there, what to expect from the place, what to avoid and cost. Submit photos if you can. Google has a very cool feature like “Local guide” where you help others by giving reviews and you earn points and badges.

Start answering

Start answering on Question and Answer Websites like Quora,, and many more available. You can answer according to your knowledge and interest.

Heading 1: Set Clear Writing Goals

Setting clear goals is essential for building a sustainable writing habit. Define your objectives, whether it’s completing a novel, writing blog posts, or journaling for personal reflection. Break down your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks, such as writing for a specific amount of time each day or completing a set number of words.

Heading 2: Establish a Consistent Writing Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to making writing a habit. Set aside dedicated time each day to write. Whether it’s in the morning, during lunch breaks, or before bedtime, find a time that works best for you and commit to it. Treat writing as an appointment with yourself and make it a non-negotiable part of your daily schedule.

Heading 3: Create a Writing Space

Designate a specific writing space that inspires creativity and focus. It could be a quiet corner in your home, a cozy cafe, or even a virtual writing environment. Ensure the space is free from distractions and stocked with writing essentials such as notebooks, pens, and a computer. Having a dedicated space signals your brain that it’s time to write and helps establish a writing routine.

Heading 4: Practice Daily Writing Exercises

To strengthen your writing muscle, incorporate daily writing exercises into your routine. These exercises can be prompts, freewriting sessions, or even rewriting passages from your favorite authors. The goal is to get your creative juices flowing and train yourself to write consistently, regardless of inspiration or topic. Regular practice builds confidence and improves your writing skills over time.

Heading 5: Embrace the Benefits of Writing

Writing offers a multitude of benefits beyond creative expression. Here are a few:

a) Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: Writing allows you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, promoting self-awareness and personal growth.

b) Improved Communication Skills: Consistent writing helps refine your communication skills, allowing you to express ideas more effectively in both personal and professional contexts.

c) Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being: Writing can serve as a cathartic outlet, providing relief from stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. It helps you process and make sense of your emotions.

d) Enhanced Creativity: Regular writing stimulates your imagination and nurtures creativity. It opens doors to new ideas, perspectives, and storytelling abilities.

e) Sharpened Critical Thinking: Writing encourages critical thinking and analysis. It challenges you to organize your thoughts coherently, supporting logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Heading 6: Celebrate Milestones and Progress

Celebrate your writing milestones and progress to stay motivated. Whether it’s completing a chapter, reaching a word count goal, or receiving positive feedback, acknowledge and reward your achievements. Small victories reinforce the writing habit and fuel your motivation to continue.


Making writing a habit requires dedication, consistency, and perseverance. By setting clear goals, establishing a routine, creating a conducive writing space, practicing daily exercises, and embracing the many benefits of writing, you can cultivate a sustainable writing habit. Remember, the more you write, the better you become. So, start today and unlock the transformative power of consistent writing in your life.

best web hosting india

Best Web Hosting for India in 2020


What is hosting/web hosting/server space🧐

Why do you need to purchase hosting?😦

Why you should avoid cheap hosting service?😱

What to Look for in a Web Host?🔍

Best Web Hosting Provider in India 👍

best web hosting india

What is hosting/web hosting/server space?

Two necessary things for a website are, Domain and Web Hosting. Domain is the address for your website eg. and web hosting is the storage where you keep your website files. It is similar to storage in your laptop/mobile/pc.

Why do you need to purchase hosting?

You need hosting to store your database and files, you need your website up all the time. You can’t put your files in your laptop and keep it on all the time. Here hosting providers come in play. They charge you some amount and give you the storage.

There are multiple hosting types like shared hosting, VPS, Cloud Storage, Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, you share space with multiple website. Shared hosting is cheap and for low traffic websites, personal blogs. Other websites in the server may affect your website performance.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a little better, you get part of a server which you can control on your own. VPS hosting is a little costly and best for small businesses, online store, large websites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting. In cloud hosting resources of your website are spread at more than one location. So that cached pages are served as per your need. Cloud hosting is fast but costly. 

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you get the whole server to yourself. You need to have technical knowledge to manage it. Dedicated hosting is Costly but effective. It’s very much needed for big businesses.

Which hosting you choose depends on your website requirements. If you are beginning then I would suggest to go with Shared Hosting.

Why you should avoid cheap hosting service?

cheap web hosting india

There are thousands of cheap web hosting services available but you should avoid using these because of the following reasons. I have tried those multiple hosts and they are not worth it. Good hosting will cost you more money once in a year where as cheap hosting will cost you lesser money but more time and it may lead you to no revenue.

  • Poor Page Loading Speed

    Cheap web hosting service provider mostly provide shared hosting, which means server will be shared with more users which will lead to slow speed test

  • Impact On SEO

    Page loading speed is the valuable factor in SEO. If your page is loading slow, It will affect your website ranking.

  • Website Downtime Issues

    Cheap hosting services deal with downtime issues. If your website is down; it means you are losing the traffic and no one wants that.

  • Customer Support

    "You get what you pay for" Most of these hosting services do not provide dedicated Customer support and if you are a beginner and land in a problem you are gonna stuck with it.

  • Security

    Cheap hosting services do not provide better security. Which may lead to malicious virus or hacking of your website.

What to Look for in a Web Host??

  • Location

    Location of your hosting server matters for two reasons; one is speed and second is website ranking. If you want to rank a website in India and hosting company don't have a server in India, it will affect your website speed. And same goes for ranking your website. So keep in mind where do you want your website to rank and for that you need the server to your nearest location.

  • HDD Or SSD

    SSDs (Solid State Drives) are fast than the traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). SSDs are expensive but they are much faster, reliable and consume less power. Speed is a ranking factor for websites, so you should go with the server which provides SSD

  • Storage

    if you are a beginner or have low traffic than you don't need unlimited storage 5-10 GB is sufficient for you. Don't use your hosting to store files. Use Cloud storage for this purpose.

Must Read: Best Free Cloud Storage In 2020

  • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is maximum data transfer rate for your network. More the visitors, more will be the bandwidth usage. If your blog receives high traffic you should look out for high bandwidth plans, For beginners 100GB bandwidth (which mostly hosting service provide) plans are good to go.

  • Support

    Whether you are Coding Yoda or like charlie while using washing machine (an absolute beginner). We all need support time to time. So look for the service which provides live chat or have fast email support.

  • FTP

    You need FTP to upload files, you can use cpanel for uploading files but FTP is far better in terms of handling the files. You just need a login and all your files will be in front of you. Look for the provider who supports and provides FTP.

  • Upgrade

    In near future your website will grow and so the resources. So choose a host with whom you can easily upgrade with ZERO or minimal downtime.

  • Backup

    Accidents happen; and so that you don't suffer if something happens with your website, you should look for the host which provides automatic backups. Some hosts charge for backup service. You can buy it or you have to backup manually.

Best Web Hosting For India In 2020

Server Locations: USA, Asia and Europe (UK)

Price: 59Rs. (single web hosting)

Why Choose Them: I am using their hosting for last 2 years and I never had a problem. Their support is awesome. You can directly chat or you can leave a mail and they are super helpful. Their plans are low cost and if you are a beginner you can start as low as 59 Rs. per month for shared hosting. Check the image below for all the details you need.

SSL: If you add multiple domains in Premium plan you will have to buy separate SSL certificate for each domain

Bonus Tip*- Talk to them before placing the order, you may get some offer or discount.

hostinger web hosting price

Server Locations: USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore

Price: 3.95$ Rs. Basic Plan For Single Website Hosting

Free Cloudflare CDN and Siteground Super Cacher Caching plugin

Renewal Price is almost 3 times

Why Choose Them: Siteground hosting is a little costly but they are best in market and recommended by me, WPBEGINNER and WORDPRESS. My only reason for choosing them is their server speed. If you need just one website, their Startup plan is very good but if you hope to create more then Grow big plan is very suitable for you.

Choose them wisely because they are very good with services but their renewal rates  are very high. So work hard and try to cover the hosting charges with your blog/website/business within a year (if you opt for 1 year hosting).

SSL: Siteground provides Let’s Encrypt SSL, if you choose Siteground Grow Big Plan then you can add multiple domains with free SSL.

siteground hosting price

Server Locations: Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas, 23 more data centers available if you activate CLOUDFLARE. 

Server Locations For India:  Mumbai, Hyderabad, Karnataka, and Singapore

Price: Price is more if you choose Indian data center but your website will be fast. Prices go down if you increase the duration. 

Single Web Hosting starts from 159Rs. per month if you choose for one year.

They have 4 hosting plans: STARTER | HATCHLING | BABY | BUSINESS

Starter and Hatchling are for Single Domain Use, starter plan has 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth.

Hatchling has unmetered storage and bandwidth. 

Hostgator  includes free SSL certificate in all their plans. 

Support: Hostgator support is very good, you can contact them via chat, call and email.

Server Locations: Chicago, Phoenix, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo

Server Locations For India:  Nearest one is Singapore

Price: Starter regular price is 4.95$, Current promotional price is 2.95$

Starter plan is for single domain, it comes with unlimited SSD space and Unlimited bandwitdth.

Best thing about them is they give Free Domain with Every Hosting Plan.

SSL: Their every plan includes Let’s Encrypt SSL

They have 60 Days money back guarantee.

For Support You can Contact via call, chat or email. They are super fast in reply and very supporting. 

If you need to upgrade your hosting from shared to Cloud, VPS or any one; their technicians will do that without any cost.

Check out their hosting plans

Conclusion:  The above hosting providers are best as I have tried. You can try these or you can choose yourself but look for the one with whom you can go for a long time so that you don’t have to change host and it doesn’t affect your business.

Bonus Tip: Must contact sales or support once before purchasing and tell them your requirements and ask if any offer is going on. I am sure they will help you out.

What are backlinks? How To Build In 2020

What Are Backlinks?

Why do you need them?

How to create and How to check ?

Have you seen those links on websites which take you to another website? Good, now let’s talk about them.

Backlinks are the links through which you connect to other person or brand’s website.

It is similar to real life where one person connect to other through some medium.

They help you in ranking. Search engines count them as votes, more the votes, higher the ranking.

INBOUND LINKS: Links pointing to your website from others. You need more quality inbound links to rank higher.

OUTBOUND LINKS: Links pointing to others website from your website.


They play a very good role in SEO for your website.

They help in creating authority of a domain (DA)

For example, if you need an interior designer and ten people recommend same person or business you will be more comfortable than one person recommending a business.

Similarly more* the backlinks more the domain authority.


Not at all, creating backlinks doesn’t mean just creating quantity random links with directory submission or purchasing from random sources. It is called spamming and google may penalize or stop indexing your website.

Quality of backlinks matter rather than quantity. Hundred links from one website are not as good as one link from hundred websites.


NOFOLLOW BACKLINKS: No follow links are the links which play a minor role in SEO. They don’t help in ranking and they ask search engines to not give any value to that link.

Below is the example of nofollow html tag

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

DOFOLLOW BACKLINKS: Do follow links are the one you need the most. Quality dofollow links help in higher website rank, increase your domain authority, get traffic and build trust in your brand.

<a href=”” >Link Text</a>

So why there is NOFOLLOW Backlinks, nofollow invented to stop comment spam. Google ask users to use “nofollow” for paid links.

but, still nofollow can help you in generating traffic, search engines will bypass the nofollow links but users can see the link and may go to your website.

You can check if the link is dofollow or nofollow in your browser:

Checkout the below steps



Write quality content to increase your reach so that more users automatically connect to your website.

Google: Search for articles on you niche which are ranking well, then improve the post and write more about the topic, You may create video for the topic and add it to your post.


GUEST BLOGGING: Write blog post for others within your niche to get inbound links.


SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES: Put your website link in your business pages details.


Promotion:Contact influencers in your niche or industry and tell them about an article on your site that they may want to link to.



There are many websites available to check, but the most I trust is 

Just enter your domain and click on search and it will show you the list of backlinks with details like links are dofollow or nofollow and how many domains are referring your website.


Don’t lose your authority by spam backlink.

While using outbound links must check that the Domain Authority of website you are linking to.

Don’t use shortcuts, purchasing backlinks is easy but not reliable.

Keep Researching and writing, if your content is better you will automatically go up.

Keep Learning | Happy Backlinking

What is blogging and How to start blogging?

What is a Blog?

How to Start a Blog?

Best Blogging Platforms

Can you earn from blogging?

Can you do full time blogging?

Blog is an online journal where you write about anything to share the information with others. It may be about any product, service, how to tutorials, health and fitness, food, travelling. It may be anything you like or passionate about. Blog is a website but the content is updated almost regularly on blog as compared to a brand website.

The person who write a blog is called blogger, it may be a single person or a group with their own separate roles like writer, moderator, technical guy and so on, bigger the blog more the roles.

the history of blogging goes around 1994 but as the online market started growing. there was growth time to time blogging was easy that time but around 10-12 years ago interest towards blogging has increased.

blogging image

How to start a Blog?

Starting a blog is very easy. You don’t need any technical knowledge, you just have to research for the things you need. If you are beginner, to start a blog, You just have to choose a name for you blog and you are ready to go. And if you are a little advance you need to Buy custom Domain (.com, .in and many more are available)and Hosting (to store your files).

Where to start blogging for free??

wordpress vs blogger

1. Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform by offered by google. You can login with your Gmail account and Create a blog easily. Just choose the blog name and you are ready to go. Blogger gives you a subdomain.


blogger have a very simple interface to manage your blog. You don’t need any separate login for anything. Just one login and you are in, you can change your layout and design from here. There are many templates available using them you can change your design. You can also download or buy themes easily from internet.

Blogger template format is XML, you can simply upload the theme and you are ready to go or you can work around a little bit to achieve the result accordingly.

Benefits of Blogger

1. Easy to manage- Blogger is very easy to manage because of it’s simple interface. You can change the design or layout without any technical knowledge or coding.

2. No storage Needed- Blogger don’t need any storage space to keep your files you can directly upload the content it.

3. Custom Domain- Your can add you custom domain and it will redirect to your blog.

For example: will be shown as

4. Speed and Security- speed and security in blogger is not something you have to look for. Google already takes care of it. You just have to take care of the content and it will all be good.

Overall blogger is very very good if you are just a beginner. Only one thing you need is better content.


WordPress is also a blogging platform. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) build with php and mysql. Around 34% of websites are on wordpress. WordPress is more advanced than blogger.

Like blogger You will also get free sub-domain here.


 you may need to learn a little coding if you are working with wordpress. is free till you are working on basic blogs but if you need some advanced functions you may have to purchase a plan. WordPress plans go from 200rs. per month to 800rs. per month. In this you get a free domain and many more features like free themes, customer support.

In wordpress you have a little more freedom to design you blog in a better way. You can use plugins as per your need. If you want to make a professional blog you may self host it.

WordPress has two type of blog platforms. Vs

for you only need email address to create an account. But for you need a domain and hosting space to host your website and manage. You can install themes and make your website look good.

Both blogger and wordpress are widely used for blogging. But wordpress is more professional more advanced. If you need a basic blog you can use but if you are looking for a professional blog and want to do blogging as your passion you must use wordpress.

Can You Earn From Blogging?

Well short answer is yes. But for that you will have to work hard. There are many factors on which your earning depands.

1. Content is King- you content must be good, you must give value to your visitors. To make your content better you will have to Research for the Question you can answer better then the others. Your article should have 2000-5000 words describing the topic clearly.

2. Design- Your blog design must be very attractive, so that the visitor is attracted towards it and stay for much time. Your blog should be clean and layout should be good so that visitor can find what he is looking for ,easily.

3. Speed- Your blog should be fast to show content. Maximum time should be between 2-3s. If your blog is slow visitors will go back and it will increase your Bounce Rate* which is not good at all

4. Language- You should write in the language in which your are comfortable but If you are writing for you local region then you should write in your local language but if you are going global then your language should be English.

5. Value to the users-  Your content should give the answer visitor is looking for, if you are just making up stuff about the topic it won’t be helpful for visitor and visitor may not visit your blog again so you should make valuable content.

Research is very much needed element in the blogging whether it is for purchasing a domain name, topics for your blog, keywords for your article.

Which blogging website is best?

Both Blogger and WordPress are good in there own way, if you are a beginner and don’t have money to spend you can go with blogger, but Wordress is more advanced and it gives you more freedom. Basically it is you choice to go with either one according to your understanding. My personal choice is WordPress.

Can You Do Full Time Blogging: 

Yes you can do full time blogging but before going to full time you must earn to survive for next one year. Because you are going to frustrate eventually so you must save so that you can survive if you don’t have a job. you can start working part time for some time till you setup your blog so that you can earn and give time to your blog. But you will have to be honest to yourself.

Before leaving your job ask this to yourself:

Do you really want to do this or you are just trying this because you are frustrated with your JOB ?

Are you willing to give your maximum time working on it ?

What if this don’t work out soon, what will I do Then, keep trying or go back to the job ?

Thing You Must do

1. You must have patience for the better results, if you think you will write a few posts and you will start earning, that won’t happen, you will have to keep working on your writing, your blog design and speed.

2. To make writing your habit, start by little like register for google guide and write reviews for places to visit, write reviews on food apps like zomato, swiggy, food panda.

 Start answering on Quora, Reddit and many more.

3. Read books as much as you can.

4. Learn to manage your time and make a schedule of the tasks every night you have to do tomorrow.