What is SEO and Best ways to do it – 2022

SEO or Search engine optimization is the practice of creating or modifying your content according search engine.

We do search engine optimization seo that we can improve our website ranking in the views of search engine.

we create content whether it is a blog post or a youtube video or Instagram reel and many more. But what is the use of this if no one is going to watch our content.

We create content either for entertainment, to answer question or to share what you know. But how people are going to visit your content, either we are going to pay for the traffic or we modify our content according to needs of user.

Type of SEO-

On Page SEO:

On page SEO is the process in which you optimize your content which is visible on page.

  1. Title tag – explain what is the post about in your title tag
  2. URL- URL of your post or page must be descriptive and short. If it easier put your focus keyword in your url.
  3. Meta Description – meta descrition is the brief of your post, we use it to show the context of your post.
  4. Optimize your images – properly name your images and must use Alt text.

Off Page SEO- just like On page SEO works on visual side of your website, Off Page SEO work on behind the scenes of your blog or website.

off page seo creates the authority for your website.

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