Top Remote Access Software for PC

Remote Access Software is an app that allows you to control one PC from another computer. It is beneficial when you need to extract information from your office desktop from somewhere else. For access your PC remotely you can use before mentioned Remote Access Software.

Remote Access software comes along with host+viewer combo file. When you want to access a computer remotely, you must download the host file in the network which you would require to obtain, and the viewer files in the computer through which you will access.

Our Top Picks

Remote Utilities-

Remote Utilities software is a very popular software that connects two PC with an Internet ID. Just download and set up the files in the PC and you can access your PC from anywhere. This software is easy to use and does not require port change settings. It lets you connect with up to 10 PCs for free.

Chrome remote desktop

This software is an extension of Google Chrome which lets you access to the PC which is not logged in. It is a good option when you want to access files from the computer at home to your office. The software supports multi-monitor access and installs in a jiffy.


UltraVNC is a modern age remote access software that allows connecting with the PC from any source like mobile, another computer and also browser. Simply download the host side and viewer side programs in the PCs, and you are using the software.


AeroAdmin is the best option for spontaneous remote access to the computer. The software is very simple to use and do not require any extra settings. Just install the file, and you can connect to the PC. You can transfer data remotely and reboot the system from a remote distance.

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