About Me

About Me

I am Lakshya.I love to learn about new technologies, softwares. I have problem-solving skills. Love to find new errors and solve them. I will be posting about software tips and tricks, latest technology news. According to me if you really love something you should always try to pursue it, start from small and then keep updating surely you will make it big.

Read books and newspaper great ideas will come to your mind. Go outdoor meet new people. It is a healthy practice to fresh your mood. Do it once you will see great results.

-No age limit for learning

-Believe in R&D.

-Make a Passion in Life.

-Always be ready for challenges.

-Make Mistakes, Don’t Repeat mistakes.

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What I Do

It’s been around three years i was planning to start writing I did that sometimes in between. But now i am ready to start writing and I am sure there will be some good results if i keep doing that. What can i tell you more about-me. I just love cooking and eating, travelling, video games, watching movies, web-series.

Just two words: Don’t Stop

And some more: Just keep learning it won’t be a waste of time.