What are backlinks? How To Build In 2020

What Are Backlinks?

Why do you need them?

How to create and How to check ?

Have you seen those links on websites which take you to another website? Good, now let’s talk about them.

Backlinks are the links through which you connect to other person or brand’s website.

It is similar to real life where one person connect to other through some medium.

They help you in ranking. Search engines count them as votes, more the votes, higher the ranking.

INBOUND LINKS: Links pointing to your website from others. You need more quality inbound links to rank higher.

OUTBOUND LINKS: Links pointing to others website from your website.


They play a very good role in SEO for your website.

They help in creating authority of a domain (DA)

For example, if you need an interior designer and ten people recommend same person or business you will be more comfortable than one person recommending a business.

Similarly more* the backlinks more the domain authority.


Not at all, creating backlinks doesn’t mean just creating quantity random links with directory submission or purchasing from random sources. It is called spamming and google may penalize or stop indexing your website.

Quality of backlinks matter rather than quantity. Hundred links from one website are not as good as one link from hundred websites.


NOFOLLOW BACKLINKS: No follow links are the links which play a minor role in SEO. They don’t help in ranking and they ask search engines to not give any value to that link.

Below is the example of nofollow html tag

<a href=”https://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

DOFOLLOW BACKLINKS: Do follow links are the one you need the most. Quality dofollow links help in higher website rank, increase your domain authority, get traffic and build trust in your brand.

<a href=”https://www.example.com/” >Link Text</a>

So why there is NOFOLLOW Backlinks, nofollow invented to stop comment spam. Google ask users to use “nofollow” for paid links.

but, still nofollow can help you in generating traffic, search engines will bypass the nofollow links but users can see the link and may go to your website.

You can check if the link is dofollow or nofollow in your browser:

Checkout the below steps



Write quality content to increase your reach so that more users automatically connect to your website.

Google: Search for articles on you niche which are ranking well, then improve the post and write more about the topic, You may create video for the topic and add it to your post.


GUEST BLOGGING: Write blog post for others within your niche to get inbound links.


SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES: Put your website link in your business pages details.


Promotion:Contact influencers in your niche or industry and tell them about an article on your site that they may want to link to.



There are many websites available to check, but the most I trust is 

Just enter your domain and click on search and it will show you the list of backlinks with details like links are dofollow or nofollow and how many domains are referring your website.


Don’t lose your authority by spam backlink.

While using outbound links must check that the Domain Authority of website you are linking to.

Don’t use shortcuts, purchasing backlinks is easy but not reliable.

Keep Researching and writing, if your content is better you will automatically go up.

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