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What is hosting/web hosting/server space🧐

Why do you need to purchase hosting?😦

Why you should avoid cheap hosting service?😱

What to Look for in a Web Host?🔍

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What is hosting/web hosting/server space?

Two necessary things for a website are, Domain and Web Hosting. Domain is the address for your website eg. and web hosting is the storage where you keep your website files. It is similar to storage in your laptop/mobile/pc.

Why do you need to purchase hosting?

You need hosting to store your database and files, you need your website up all the time. You can’t put your files in your laptop and keep it on all the time. Here hosting providers come in play. They charge you some amount and give you the storage.

There are multiple hosting types like shared hosting, VPS, Cloud Storage, Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, you share space with multiple website. Shared hosting is cheap and for low traffic websites, personal blogs. Other websites in the server may affect your website performance.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a little better, you get part of a server which you can control on your own. VPS hosting is a little costly and best for small businesses, online store, large websites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting. In cloud hosting resources of your website are spread at more than one location. So that cached pages are served as per your need. Cloud hosting is fast but costly. 

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you get the whole server to yourself. You need to have technical knowledge to manage it. Dedicated hosting is Costly but effective. It’s very much needed for big businesses.

Which hosting you choose depends on your website requirements. If you are beginning then I would suggest to go with Shared Hosting.

Why you should avoid cheap hosting service?

cheap web hosting india

There are thousands of cheap web hosting services available but you should avoid using these because of the following reasons. I have tried those multiple hosts and they are not worth it. Good hosting will cost you more money once in a year where as cheap hosting will cost you lesser money but more time and it may lead you to no revenue.

  • Poor Page Loading Speed

    Cheap web hosting service provider mostly provide shared hosting, which means server will be shared with more users which will lead to slow speed test

  • Impact On SEO

    Page loading speed is the valuable factor in SEO. If your page is loading slow, It will affect your website ranking.

  • Website Downtime Issues

    Cheap hosting services deal with downtime issues. If your website is down; it means you are losing the traffic and no one wants that.

  • Customer Support

    "You get what you pay for" Most of these hosting services do not provide dedicated Customer support and if you are a beginner and land in a problem you are gonna stuck with it.

  • Security

    Cheap hosting services do not provide better security. Which may lead to malicious virus or hacking of your website.

What to Look for in a Web Host??

  • Location

    Location of your hosting server matters for two reasons; one is speed and second is website ranking. If you want to rank a website in India and hosting company don't have a server in India, it will affect your website speed. And same goes for ranking your website. So keep in mind where do you want your website to rank and for that you need the server to your nearest location.

  • HDD Or SSD

    SSDs (Solid State Drives) are fast than the traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). SSDs are expensive but they are much faster, reliable and consume less power. Speed is a ranking factor for websites, so you should go with the server which provides SSD

  • Storage

    if you are a beginner or have low traffic than you don't need unlimited storage 5-10 GB is sufficient for you. Don't use your hosting to store files. Use Cloud storage for this purpose.

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  • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is maximum data transfer rate for your network. More the visitors, more will be the bandwidth usage. If your blog receives high traffic you should look out for high bandwidth plans, For beginners 100GB bandwidth (which mostly hosting service provide) plans are good to go.

  • Support

    Whether you are Coding Yoda or like charlie while using washing machine (an absolute beginner). We all need support time to time. So look for the service which provides live chat or have fast email support.

  • FTP

    You need FTP to upload files, you can use cpanel for uploading files but FTP is far better in terms of handling the files. You just need a login and all your files will be in front of you. Look for the provider who supports and provides FTP.

  • Upgrade

    In near future your website will grow and so the resources. So choose a host with whom you can easily upgrade with ZERO or minimal downtime.

  • Backup

    Accidents happen; and so that you don't suffer if something happens with your website, you should look for the host which provides automatic backups. Some hosts charge for backup service. You can buy it or you have to backup manually.

Best Web Hosting For India In 2020

Server Locations: USA, Asia and Europe (UK)

Price: 59Rs. (single web hosting)

Why Choose Them: I am using their hosting for last 2 years and I never had a problem. Their support is awesome. You can directly chat or you can leave a mail and they are super helpful. Their plans are low cost and if you are a beginner you can start as low as 59 Rs. per month for shared hosting. Check the image below for all the details you need.

SSL: If you add multiple domains in Premium plan you will have to buy separate SSL certificate for each domain

Bonus Tip*- Talk to them before placing the order, you may get some offer or discount.

hostinger web hosting price

Server Locations: USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore

Price: 3.95$ Rs. Basic Plan For Single Website Hosting

Free Cloudflare CDN and Siteground Super Cacher Caching plugin

Renewal Price is almost 3 times

Why Choose Them: Siteground hosting is a little costly but they are best in market and recommended by me, WPBEGINNER and WORDPRESS. My only reason for choosing them is their server speed. If you need just one website, their Startup plan is very good but if you hope to create more then Grow big plan is very suitable for you.

Choose them wisely because they are very good with services but their renewal rates  are very high. So work hard and try to cover the hosting charges with your blog/website/business within a year (if you opt for 1 year hosting).

SSL: Siteground provides Let’s Encrypt SSL, if you choose Siteground Grow Big Plan then you can add multiple domains with free SSL.

siteground hosting price

Server Locations: Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas, 23 more data centers available if you activate CLOUDFLARE. 

Server Locations For India:  Mumbai, Hyderabad, Karnataka, and Singapore

Price: Price is more if you choose Indian data center but your website will be fast. Prices go down if you increase the duration. 

Single Web Hosting starts from 159Rs. per month if you choose for one year.

They have 4 hosting plans: STARTER | HATCHLING | BABY | BUSINESS

Starter and Hatchling are for Single Domain Use, starter plan has 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth.

Hatchling has unmetered storage and bandwidth. 

Hostgator  includes free SSL certificate in all their plans. 

Support: Hostgator support is very good, you can contact them via chat, call and email.

Server Locations: Chicago, Phoenix, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo

Server Locations For India:  Nearest one is Singapore

Price: Starter regular price is 4.95$, Current promotional price is 2.95$

Starter plan is for single domain, it comes with unlimited SSD space and Unlimited bandwitdth.

Best thing about them is they give Free Domain with Every Hosting Plan.

SSL: Their every plan includes Let’s Encrypt SSL

They have 60 Days money back guarantee.

For Support You can Contact via call, chat or email. They are super fast in reply and very supporting. 

If you need to upgrade your hosting from shared to Cloud, VPS or any one; their technicians will do that without any cost.

Check out their hosting plans

Conclusion:  The above hosting providers are best as I have tried. You can try these or you can choose yourself but look for the one with whom you can go for a long time so that you don’t have to change host and it doesn’t affect your business.

Bonus Tip: Must contact sales or support once before purchasing and tell them your requirements and ask if any offer is going on. I am sure they will help you out.

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