Top VR Games for Android

VR Games have evolved ever since 2012. No need for hi-tech gears and multiple screen projection room. With the advancement of technology, you can use your compact gaming gears and enjoy the world of virtual reality.

Top VR Games for Android- Our Picks!

InCell VR

InCell VR game is the best combination of action and racing games. The game is available in Google Play and can be played with Cardboard set. If you are someone new to VR games, then InCell VR is the best way to start with. The game shrinks you to the microscopic world of human cells and puts you in the year 2134 when the human race gets the ability to shrink.

Vanguard V

Vanguard V is an action-packed game that makes you sole defender against the enemy that is Parasites. The game is designed with different settings and backgrounds like space, earth core, and earth surface. The game is a high-speed game with action and adventures. Perfect for people who need to jump from their sofas while playing.

VR Planet Defence

Another Cardboard game for virtual reality lovers. VR Planet Defence is based in Galaxy where the small planet has been living for quite a long time. The planet was nice and beautiful until it becomes a threat. You can destroy meteors and enemies with a look. The game needs you to move your neck to play, so its an exercise too! It requires you to capture health kit and heal the planet.

BattleZ VR

The first multi-player game in the Android platform is filled with action and adventure. You can play this game with your friends, to save your home from the invasion of zombies. The game is based on person shooting, that means you can shoot your friends too in the game. An irony, you get extra points to turn your backs to your friends.

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