Top Smart Wallets in India

A wallet holds a person belonging and world for a person. And Smart wallet is a perfect example of mixing technology and privacy. A smart wallet contains a computerized metal chip in the wallet structure which connects the wallet with your smartphone for you to track the placement of your wallet, detect theft and help you to locate the wallet.

The technology of smart wallet is new in India, however. Some big players are offering smart wallets in the market at competitive, affordable price. Some of our top picks are!

Cuir Ally explorer smart wallet

Cuir Ally is the most trusted name in the industry of Smart Wallet. The explorer editions come with a unique feature of ringing your phone when the wallet is out of range. It also gives the option to the owner to ring the phone even when it is silent. You can locate your phone, look into the last locations and also be notified in case your phone leaves vicinity in case of theft or misplacement. The wallet comes with an app which has natural intuitive features and user-friendly interface. So if you are forgetful, Cuir Ally is there for your cure.

Cuir Ally voyager

Cuir ally voyage was designed for busy people who travel or commute a lot. This smart wallet comes in the sleek design of the leather wallet giving you a feel of the traditional wallet. It also has a slot for a slim pen for you carry for your voyages. The smart wallet has smart features of technology like tracking and remembering.

Titan Radar

Titan radar has designed their wallets with a smart leather finish that looks like any other high-end wallets. But the smart chip in the wallet helps you to connect your phone with your wallet. The feature includes alarming the owner when he moves 30meter away from the wallet.

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