Top 5 Best VR Headset for Android and iOS with cost

Virtual reality experience is enhanced with good quality VR headset. If you want to experience virtual reality in a real sense, then you ought to have the best quality VR headset. The screen resolution, the colors and 3-D image quality gives your VR games a flight.

Top 5 VR headsets for Android and iOS are-

Google Daydream View (Rs. 5000)

After the successful launch of Cardboard VR set, Google has introduced very compact, and lightweight Google Daydream VR set for virtual reality lovers. The headset is very affordable and can be used to play games, roam around in the 3-D world of virtual reality or sit and enjoy a movie. Simply pop in your phone in the headset enjoy the user interface.

Samsung Gear VR (Rs. 4944.00)

Samsung has solved the problems of people who do not have high ends computers to enjoy VR games. The headset is available in India and can be paired with any high-end Galaxy phones. Just put your phone in gear and enjoy smooth VR games. Use the trigger button in VR headset for real-life weapon feel.

Procus VR PRO (Rs. 3199.00)

This mid-range VR headset is compatible with most of the phones in India. It supports smartphones with a screen size between 3.5 to 6.2 inches and should have a gyroscope feature to enable virtual reality experience smooth. The headset is very comfortable and comes with control buttons on the side of the set.

My VR Goggles Infinity (Rs. 3999.00)

Again excellent VR headset for Indian region. This VR headset is available in India at great price. The adjustment lens knobs in the set help people who have different eye sights.

Advent Basics (Rs. 2849.00)

Advent Basics VR headsets are affordable VR goggles with sound control and pause features. The headset also allows you to answer calls while you are watching a movie or playing game.

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