Why I Choose Namecheap For Domain Registration

When you search for cheap domain or low price domain or free domain, thousands of results show up. Which one you are gonna choose?

I have tried almost all top domain registrar. It may be Godaddy, Google Domains, Big rock, Hostgator and many more.

After trying all these, during renewal time I switched to Namecheap and still continuing with them.

Your Question is Why, when there are others who sell domains at cheap rates why go for Namecheap.

Easy Search and Beast Mode on Namecheap

You can easily search for domain on namecheap or you can use beast mode to choose domain, according to your industry as beast mode categorize domain according to the industry.

Cost And Privacy

So when I purchased my domain from Godaddy, I received multiple calls and emails from the website design companies, mediators. “Sir, You have purchased a domain do you need a Website” and frankly I was irritated. Almost no one provides the free Personal data privacy policy or Whois Guard Privacy so your data becomes public as you Buy A Domain.

But, Namecheap provides WhoisGuard Privacy Protection lifetime for free.

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Support, Namecheap’s customer support is very professional and available 24×7 through chat. They are very experienced and fast in solving your problems.

Standing for what is right

It was Namecheap who was against the decision of ICANN removing price restriction on .org, .biz, .info.

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