Android Versions and How to find Android version of your phone

Android Versions and How to find Android version of your phone

The Beginning:

Android is a mobile operating system, Developed by Android Inc. in october 2003, in Palo Alto California by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, nick sears, chris white. It was created for digital cameras and pitched to investor in april 2004, but market for cameras was not big enough so five months later the idea was pitched as android operating system, it was operating against Symbian and Microsoft windows mobile.

Android is based on a modified version of Linux kernel and other open source software,
Google bought it in 2005 android came in market in 2007. First commercial android device launched in october 2008, Googel has created many versions of android for multiple devices lie Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for car, wear os for wrist watches

Android is also associated with google for GMS (Google mobile services), which comes pre installed on devices. Applications like Gmail, Google play and Google play services, Google Chrome and google search app.

Android is the best selling operating system since 2011 on smartphones and on tablets since 2013, According to reports, it has over two billion monthly active users. largest for any operting system. Google play store has 2.6 million applications.

When Google bought Android Inc. its key employees, rubin miner and white joined google.

At first phone launced by google was similar to blackberry phone without touch screen and physical QWERTY Keyboard . Later google announced that touchscreen will be added because apple came into the market.

The main hardware for android is ARMv7 and ARMv8-A, formerly also ARMv5.

Required RAM for Android range from 816MB-1.8 GB for 64 bit and 512MB-1.3GB for 32 bit.


Versions of Android:

Android code names are confectionary themed and in alphabetical order since Android 1.5 cupcake which was launched in 2009

First Android commercial device was HTC dream


First android
Ice-Cream Sandwich
Android 10

Versions Of Android:

Android Q is the 10 major version of the android operating sytem. It was announced by Google on March 13, 2019 and it’s first beta was released on the same day. Second beta was released on april 3, 2019 and third was released on 7 may 2019, fourth beta June 5 with final APIs and SDK.


On July 10, 2019 Beta 5 was released with candidate testing. It is available on pixel phones by google.


How To Know Your Android Version:

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